3 things nonprofit professionals want in their next job

Job seekers on NPO.net are specifically looking for careers in nonprofit organizations. Therefore, employers who post jobs can expect to find community-minded, service-driven candidates. How do you attract these ideal candidates? First, employers need to understand what these professionals are looking for in a career.

A chance to connect with the community

Job seekers in the nonprofit world want to positively impact the community. The degree in which they can do this, of course, depends on the role and mission of the organization. By communicating the impact the organization has on the community, managers can help employees feel connected to the mission, no matter what role they play in making it happen. Create opportunities for all employees to experience programs or interact with the people, animals or beneficiaries of the organization’s work. Continue reading

Nonprofit Hiring to Grow in 2015

According to results from the recently released 2015 Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey, nonprofits are projecting growth this year that could surpass the corporate sector. Here are some facts from their survey:

  • The nonprofit sector is the 3rd largest employer in the U.S. that includes nearly 2 million nonprofit organizations and 10.7 employees.
  • The greatest growth is expected to be in direct services.NonprofitHR 2015 graphic
  • 49% of nonprofits reported that they’ve increased their staff size in the last 5 years.
  • Most candidates for senior/executive level positions come from other nonprofits.

Nonprofit HR directors report that most candidates for senior/ executive-level positions come from other nonprofits. Specialized job boards like NPO.net play a large role in reaching thousands of nonprofits and job seekers, making the search for a candidate to fill an open position much easier for HR staff.

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