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Community is a community and we all deserve respect. Please treat with all the respect you would treat your co-workers and partner agencies. Thousands of agencies and tens of thousands of staffers have used to find employees or jobs. This community is comprised of thousands and thousands of people working together. Please act professionally on to keep this a well-respected, quality job board.


Lumity owns the content on this site once you post it here. We can edit / modify or delete content in our discretion. However, in practical terms, we’re not going to monitor or read all your postings, nor can we edit them. So we’ll do our best to work with you if a complaint or a situation would arise. It is our policy that we will not edit any user posted content without making an effort to contact the account user. However, content that is offensive or seems illegal or violates the terms of use may be pulled immediately.

Job posters and job seekers are responsible for the content of their information. Mistakes, poor practices and even phrases that seem like blatant discriminatory statements rather than appropriate job requirements are the responsibility of the account user. All site users are invited to report content they think is inappropriate, and we’ll do our best to remedy the situation.

Offensive Content

Lumity doesn’t permit offensive content on We get to determine what that is and can take any action from editing the word through pulling the job ad or deactivating your account without a refund. This is a professional service.

SPAM (jobs that aren’t real)

We hate spam. Don’t do it! Because our prices are low some nefarious types might want to sell “work from home” schemes and other things that aren’t what our job seekers are looking for. When we find it we will pull the ad, shut down the account, and not give a refund. Please do not post jobs unless you really think you’re going to fill that job in the near future.

Lumity requires that all job posters (agencies) have account contact information that identifies an individual, so please use a real first and last name. The account owner information is not public.

Privacy and emails

Abusive resume seeking or data gathering of any kind other than for the purpose of finding a staffer / volunteer / supporter / intern etc. will not be tolerated. Our service requires a great deal of openness by all parties, so respect it. Lumity will not sell your email addresses to other parties, although we may from time to time email you or contact you to tell you about system information that is relevant to your services on We also want to send you the typical emails / newsletters like every other service, although we do offer “opt-out” and “opt-in” services. system communications cannot be opted out of… but we will do our best to minimize those emails and keep it relevant.

After all, we want you to benefit from, and sometimes we have to inform you about the services.


It is the responsibility of the users of the site to ensure that the information being exchanged is accurate, and that any agreements (like getting a job offer) are between the two parties (job seeker and employer). This is a well-respected nonprofit job board for Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin and other states. By providing accurate information, you help to maintain and improve upon its position as one of the nation’s top nonprofit job boards.