Posting Guidelines/FAQs

How can I make my posts effective and visually attractive?

  • Be Creative – Just like conventional print advertisements, you need to use verbiage that will draw attention to your listing and generate some excitement on the part of job seekers. Include a logo for your organization if possible (upload it to your employer profile).
  • Job Titles – Use functional rather than company specific titles. If the job could possibly have two titles, use them both (i.e. Sales Assistant/Receptionist).
  • Location – Sometimes a small suburb is too specific, and not recognizable to the candidate. Use the largest city that is reasonably close or explain in your ad the proximity of your location to the larger city.
  • Skills – Put in any that are applicable. Where possible, try to use versions of the word that a candidate might use in his/her key word search (i.e. use analyst instead of analysis, use “VB” instead of Visual Basic).
  • Job Description – Consider having the description of the job include not only a listing of daily responsibilities for the position, but also the qualities of the job or company that would be attractive to a candidate (i.e. potential for professional growth, training programs, casual work environment, etc.).
  • Post All of Your Open Jobs – Some jobs will draw more attention than others, but the audience of job seekers on the Internet is constantly growing and changing. You never know who’s out there until you try!
  • Check Your Work – Misspelled words and poor grammar present an unprofessional image. Consider using a word processor like Microsoft Word or Claris Works to prepare your posting and then copy and paste your text into our forms.
  • Formatting – Use the formatting tool above each text box to help draw visual interest, especially the bullet and number lists. If you copy your ad from MS Word or another word processing application and are having problems with how it comes over, try selecting “Paste as text” in the Edit pull-down menu above each text box.

Does each job title need its own posting? Can I post general recruiting announcements?

Yes, each job title generally needs its own posting. and its features are built around a single-job posting environment to assist employers to attract high-quality candidates focused fully on one specific job opportunity. Accordingly, multiple job postings or general recruiting announcements are incompatible with this format and not permitted. However an employer may include two jobs in one posting if the positions are basically identical in form and function except for employment status (e.g. full time vs. part time), length of employment (e.g. temporary vs. permanent) or credentialing (e.g. certified vs. uncertified).

How do I have applications and documents sent to a specific email address?

You can specify an email address within the body of the text of your ad or use the job posting form to complete this process. The form has a section entitled “Send Applicants to” that allows you to specify an email address to receive applications for that specific posting, including up to three documents as attachments.  You can include in the ad text the instructions to submit certain documents that the candidate will attach before hitting the “Apply Now” button that appears on your job ad page.  The specified email address will automatically receive the application and documents without needing to log into the system. The system keeps a copy of all documents sent to you via this feature as a backup so you can log in anytime to download them if needed. The “Send Applicants to” feature works outside the view of the applicant and no email address will be visible within the ad.

How do I send candidates to my website or an applicant tracking system to apply?

You can add a link into the body of the text of your ad or, instead of sending applications to an email address, you can use the “Send Applicants to” feature to have applicants automatically sent directly to a job application URL of your choosing like a website or an applicant tracking system.  The link will not be visible in the text of your ad and is triggered behind the scenes when the applicant clicks the “Continue to Application” button on your job post, causing them to be automatically redirected to your designated job application URL to complete the recruiting process.

Can applicants attach documents to their application?

Yes, the system allows candidates to attach a resume and up to two other documents directly from your job posting before they hit the “Apply Now” button.  However, if you have selected to have applicants forwarded directly to a website or URL (like an applicant tracking system), the button will change to “Continue to Application” and there will be no option to attach documents as you will be gathering their personal information elsewhere through your job application URL.

Can for-profit companies and recruiters post jobs on

In general, for profit companies are not permitted to post positions on unless the position is nonprofit-focused in its skills and/or duties, meaning working with the nonprofit community.  Postings made under this exception must let nonprofit job seekers know that you are for-profit in your company profile and in the job ad.

Recruiters are welcome to use for the same types of positions. However, an account is needed for each staffing agency for which you are recruiting.  If managing a lot of accounts is difficult, please contact Lumity and we’ll work with you to make it fair and easy.

How long does it take for my job posting to appear on

Postings generally are live on within one hour of submission.

How long does a post stay active? Can I deactivate the post before it expires?

All posts stay active for 30 days. During those 30 days you may edit the post as often as you like. You can deactivate live posts through “Manage Jobs” under Your Account pull-down menu. Click on the tiny word “Deactivate.” (Clicking on “Delete Post” will also deactivate it and save it in your account in the Inactive Jobs section.)

Can I repost an expired/inactive job?

Yes, as long as you have a posting credit. Click on Manage Jobs from the pull-down menu under Your Account on the right side of the screen. Click Inactive Jobs. Select the job you wish to repost from that list, click on Copy, then repost, or edit and repost.

(If you don’t see the job you want to repost, make sure you select All Users’ Jobs from pull-down menu above the inactive jobs list.)

How many jobs can I post?

It depends on how many posting credits you purchase. You can choose anything from a single job post to a high volume package of 100 posts. Visit the Rates page to check out the various options. All posting packages must be used within one year from the date of purchase while single job post credits expire in 30 days.

Can I post a job under multiple categories?

Yes. You may choose up to three categories for each job post. Instructions are included on the job post form.

Can I post an anonymous ad?

Yes. In the “Display company as” block near the bottom of the job ad, click the box beside “Make this a confidential posting.”

Can I browse resumes without posting a job?

Yes. Under the Rates page, click on the Résumé Search tab. You must call 888-491-8833, menu option 4, then extension 2455 to be approved for résumé browsing. Once you are approved, you may purchase your search package and see if there is a good match for your job opening.

Can multiple staff members use our employer account?

Yes, you may add as many staff members as you need as users in your account. The staff member can set up a user account using their email address.

I lost my log-in information!

Your email address is your username/login ID. If you’ve forgotten your password, click the “Can’t Access Your Account?” link under the password field on the Sign In screen. A password reset link will be sent immediately to your email address. NOTE: the email will come from, so if you don’t immediately see it in your inbox, check your spam or trash folder.

Help—I want to talk to a real person!

We’re here to help. Please email us at or call Customer Service toll-free at 888.491.8833, menu option 4, ext. 2455 from 8 am – 4 pm M-F CST if you need help with your account, billing or job post credits.  If you have questions specifically about job posting guidelines, please email instead.