Why NPO.net?

Why NPO.net?

  • It’s affordable: it’s only $75 for a regular post, with volume packages available to make advertising your job openings even more affordable.
  • You get results:  each month NPO.net employers benefit from over 5,000 new job seekers who open new accounts, and more than 1 million page views from visitors.
  • Engaged job seekers: the average visitor spends over 5 minutes browsing jobs during each visit.
  • NPO.net is well established among nonprofits: we are the ″go to″ place when nonprofit professionals are looking for job opportunities, and when nonprofits are looking for quality talent.
  • Dedicated applicants: Job seekers who use NPO.net are experienced and interested in nonprofit work!
  • Community focused: we serve only nonprofits and social service agencies through our robust career center.

What is NPO.net?

NPO.net is a full-featured job board for nonprofits and most government that are looking for talent with community service experience. NPO.net is always free for job seekers and cost affordable for nonprofits that are looking for a way to manage job openings, applications, and ultimately, finding top talent.

Who can use NPO.net?

NPO.net is open for all job seekers free of charge. Employers are required to be either a 501(c)(x) nonprofit or public service agency.