For-Profits and Recruiters serves a community of nonprofit agencies and staffers, volunteers and interns. Lumity takes this community very seriously. If you are a for profit company that is seeking the skills of a nonprofit staffer as part of the job requirements / skills, you are welcome to post on, but please let nonprofit job seekers know that you are a not a nonprofit in your company profile and in the job ad.

Recruiters are welcome to use However, an account is needed for each agency for which you are recruiting. We keep our prices very low, but consolidating a dozen different agencies under one account is not fair to the employers who pay full price for their posts. If managing a lot of accounts is difficult, please contact Lumity and we’ll work with you to make it fair and easy.

Note: Lumity reserves the right to verify nonprofit / government status of any employer. We may modify your profile – and send you a note – to indicate you are a not a nonprofit, or even pull your account if your jobs are not in service to the nonprofit community – as Lumity determines.