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General Information is a great place to make multiple impressions on thousands of nonprofit professionals and job seekers. While the majority of the traffic is created by job seekers, users include potential funders, board members, volunteers and companies seeking to provide services to nonprofits. job seekers tend to visit our site multiple times each week to check out new jobs. Some key points to consider:

  • generates an astounding 320,000 page views and 63,720 visits (26,200 unique) each week, with the average visit yielding 5 page pages over nearly a 5-minute duration.
  • More than 500 organizations posted more than 5,400 job opportunities in the last 6 months. currently averages over 1,000 active job postings each month.

Ad Rotation and Duration

Footer and header ads present on a random rotating basis, keeping the advertising fresh across the average 6+ page views per session. No more than five advertising slots are available per month in each location (i.e., five top and five bottom banner ads). Additionally, the ad changes help draw attention to the ads.

Since users engage in multiple sessions on a weekly or monthly basis as they seek employment, each session will include multiple page views, each having a randomly presented header and footer ad.

Ad Specifications

Lumity accepts banner ad art in either JPG/JPEG or GIF format. Lumity also accepts morphing GIF ads. Recommended ad sizes are as follows, with exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Maximum size for top banner ads:

  • 468 x 60 pixels (width by height)

Maximum size for bottom banner ads:

  • 300 x 60 pixels (width by height)

Advertising Rates (per month)

  • Month-to-month: $500 top banner ad / $325 bottom banner ad / $575 blended run of both top and bottom
  • 6-month campaign: $450 top banner ad / $275 bottom banner / $500 blended run (top and bottom)
  • 9-month campaign: $425 top banner ad / $250 bottom banner / $475 blended run (top and bottom)

We can also customize an advertising campaign to suit your needs. Contact Lumity at 312.372.4872, or email us to discuss your campaign.