3 things nonprofit professionals want in their next job

Job seekers on NPO.net are specifically looking for careers in nonprofit organizations. Therefore, employers who post jobs can expect to find community-minded, service-driven candidates. How do you attract these ideal candidates? First, employers need to understand what these professionals are looking for in a career.

A chance to connect with the community

Job seekers in the nonprofit world want to positively impact the community. The degree in which they can do this, of course, depends on the role and mission of the organization. By communicating the impact the organization has on the community, managers can help employees feel connected to the mission, no matter what role they play in making it happen. Create opportunities for all employees to experience programs or interact with the people, animals or beneficiaries of the organization’s work.

Growth opportunities

Job seekers are not just looking for a position to pay the bills. They are seeking a career in the nonprofit sector. They want to know what opportunities will come down the road. Be clear about the size of your organization, how internal hiring and promotions typically work, and let them know what is expected for advancement.


Professionals in the nonprofit sector are willing to take on greater levels of responsibility. It’s often said that employees “wear many hats” and this means getting to take on new and challenging tasks. Nonprofit job seekers want a role where they can support the organization in many different ways. With a smaller staff and less resources available, each team member is directly responsible for the success of the organization. Try to attract highly motivated, driven individuals who understand this.

About job seekers on NPO.net

– Job seekers are very engaged when using NPO.net; the average visitor spends more than 5 minutes browsing jobs during each visit.
– An average of 2,500 job seekers open new accounts monthly in order to search and apply for jobs on the site.
– More than 6,000 in-system job applications are processed monthly. That does not include applications submitted on the employers’ websites or sent via email directly to the nonprofit organization.