Going from Corporate to Nonprofit?

What do nonprofit employers look for? Is your passion for doing good enough? What if your only experience is in the corporate world or working odd jobs you’ve held while getting your college degree?

Competition is fierce for today’s nonprofit jobs, as more and more people seek to follow their passions. How do you move from the corporate world to the nonprofit world?

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Wearing a Vest to an Interview? No Way!


by Bill Voigt
Founder, Nimbus Communication

You want that job!  You need that job!

I worked with a job seeker who was really a very nice person— trustworthy, able to communicate well.  Yet he was rejected for each job.  We talked about what was said during these interviews that made them go sideways.

I suggested he wear a vest to his next interview.  Of course he pointed out that nobody wears a vest anymore and I must be showing my age.  I clarified that what I was suggesting is that he wear a “mental” vest to prevent interviews from going sideways. Sleeves on a vest are meaningless, representing any topic that is not really important. Yet many candidates take positions on unimportant items. Here is a vest sleeve the candidate discussed.

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