What’s the difference between posting credits and a subscription? Posting credits are ideal for smaller organizations that don’t normally have a lot of job openings. If you purchase a 5-post package, for instance, and use 2 credits this year, you will still have 3 left for the following year (or the year after that). They don’t expire until you use them. Subscriptions are more economical if you have a larger organization with more staff to hire. Each month your account will refresh to 10 new posting credits on the date in which you first purchased your subscription.

All posts automatically expire after 30 days.

You may purchase Posting Credits:

$60 (1 post)
$120 (3 posts)
$180 (5 posts)
$300 (10 posts)

or an Annual Subscription:

$350 per year for 10 posts per month for 12 months
$700 per year for 20 posts per month for 12 months
$1,050 per year for 30 posts per month for 12 months

or a Premium Post:

$200 Premium Post (your job ad stays on the first page)

NEW! ACCESS TO OUR TALENT COMMUNITY: If you purchase any posting credits or subscriptions, for a small additional fee you may now access our database of over 100,000 résumés. Cost for résumé browsing:
$150 (3 months)
$200 (6 months)
$250 (12 months)

Please email npohelp@lumity.org or call 312-372-4872 to pay for and activate this feature. (Shorter browsing periods are available–contact us for rates and length of time.)

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