Important information about packages

Like most nonprofits, has been impacted by ever rising costs. Therefore, we will be implementing a slight price increase to the cost of our packages on January 1, 2016. The price for a single post will not be affected. The new pricing structure is outlined below:

1 Job Posting: $70 (no change)
3-Post Package: $150 ($50 per post)
5-Post Package: $235 ($47 per post)
10-Post Package: $385 ($38.50 per post)
50-Post Package: $550 ($11 per post)
100-Post Package: $895 ($8.95 per post)

About job seekers on

– Job seekers are very engaged when using; the average visitor spends more than 5 minutes browsing jobs during each visit.
– An average of 2,500 job seekers open new accounts monthly in order to search and apply for jobs on the site.
– More than 6,000 in-system job applications are processed monthly. That does not include applications submitted on the employers’ websites or sent via email directly to the nonprofit organization.